our fish & seafood deli 

Choose from a selection of our smoked fish, seafood and fish deli products. Prices are per kilogram (kg) unless stated and are provided as a guide. All products are subject to season and availability and prices may vary.


Deli products

Anchovies: £3.49 per pack

Aneth dill sauce: £3.49

Avruga 'caviar': £10.99 per jar

Beurre Blanc sauce: £3.49

Beetroot gravadlax: £7.99 per 200g pack

Crabsticks: 14p each

Crayfish tails: £21.50 per tub

Gravadlax: £7.99 per 200g pack

Hollandaise sauce: £3.49

Jellied eels: £3.99 per tub

Reaper Hot Sauce: £4.95

Red or black lumpfish: £4.49 per jar

Roll-mops: £1.65 each

Salted cod: £6.99 per 300g pack

Sweet Chilli Ginger Sauce: £4.95

Very Hot Hot Sauce: £4.95

smoked fish

Arbroath Smokies: £14.30

Beetroot Gravadlax: £7.99 per pack (200g)

Bloaters: £2.99 each

Boned kippers: £8.78

Gravadlax: £7.99 per pack (200g)

Honey-roast salmon: £31.50

Loch Fyne kippers: £8.78

Manx kippers: £8.78

Salted cod: £6.99 per pack (300g)

Smoked cod: £14.30

Smoked cod's roe: £25.00

Smoked eel fillets: £6.99 per pack (100g)

Smoked haddock (natural, undyed): £14.30

Smoked haddock: £14.30

Smoked halibut: £8.99 per pack (200g)

Smoked mackerel (fillets): £14.30

Smoked mackerel (whole): £14.30

Smoked salmon: £6.99 per pack (200g)

Smoked salmon: £24.95 per pack (1kg)

Smoked salmon trimmings: £3.99 per 200g  

Smoked sprats: £1.99

Smoked trout: £3.99 per packet