our seafood list 

Choose from a selection of our fresh fish, with the emphasis on local and sustainable. Prices are per kilogram (kg) unless stated and are provided as a guide. All products are subject to season and availability and prices may vary.



Crab claws: £12.10

Crab (whole): £8.80

Dressed crab: £26.50

Gambas: £47.50

King prawns (cooked): £19.50

King prawns (raw): £19.50

Langoustines: £ Call for price

Lobster (cooked): £30.00

Lobster (live): £25.00

Peeled prawns: £1.99 per 100g

Shell-on prawns: £9.68

Shrimps: £24.99


Cockles: £1.99 per 100g

Cuttlefish: £ Call for price

Mussels: £5.50

Octopus: £8.78

Oysters (Rock and Native): £89p each

Palourde clams: £14.30

Razor clams: £12.10

Scallops: £42.00

Squid: £18.50

Whelks: £2.49 per 100g