year round eating

Our range of high-quality frozen fish and seafood ensures you can eat your favourites all year round so why not stock up your freezer? All products are subject to availability and prices may vary.


Frozen fish & seafood


frozen foods

Blanchbait (1lb): £3.99

Breaded scampi (1lb): £4.95

Crab claw meat (1lb): £8.99

Crab meat 50/50 1lb): £8.99

Halibut steaks(180-220g): £19.50 kg

Langoustines (700g): £14.99

Mussel meat (900g): £7.99

New Zealand half-shell mussels (1lb): £7.99

Potted shrimp (50g): £2.80

Scampi, peeled (1lb): £7.99

Seafood cocktail (800g): £7.99

Squid tubes (1kg): £6.99

Squid (1lb box): £4.50

Swordfish steaks (170-230g): £2.99 each

Tiger prawns (907g): £13.50

Tuna steaks (170-230g): £2.99 each

Whitebait (1lb): £2.80