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Here at Jenkins & Son we specialise in the freshest of fish, line-caught or day-boat wherever possible. Choose from our selection of local and bang in season fresh fish when you come to our shop.

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round fish

There is a wonderful choice of round fish, from the flaky white fish, the richer pink fish like salmon, the firm fleshed warm water fish like bass and snapper and the full-flavoured oily fish and big meaty fish like tuna and swordfish. You will get two fillets from most of the round fish or cook them whole. The big meaty fish are usually cooked as steaks and in the case of tuna, as loin.


white fish

The flaky meat of white fish is low in fat and has a mild flavour. Choose from the milk white cod and ever-popular haddock to delicious and affordable alternatives like pollock and coley. They are great to poach, bake or grill.

Fresh fish from Jenkins and Son Deal Kent
Fresh cod fillets and whole

Cod fillet

Fresh haddock fillets

Haddock fillet

Whole cod

Whole cod

Fresh hake

hake fillet


Pink Fish

The pink-fleshed fish include salmon, sea trout and rainbow trout. They have a higher omega-3 oil content than the white fish and a delicious, richer flavour. Bake, grill and roast in fillets of whole fish, these are very versatile fish.

Fresh salmon whole and fillets

Salmon fillet

fresh trout whole and fillets

whole Trout


Oily fish

The oily fish are full of flavour and health giving omega-3 oils. We usually have a good selection in the shop including mackerel, sardine and herring.

Fresh sardines


Fresh local mackerel



Warm water fish

These fish are found in the warmer seas around Britain the Mediterranean and beyond. They includes the sea bass, breams, grey and red mullet and red snapper. 

Fresh fish from Jenkins and Son Deal Kent
Sea bream gilt-head

Gilt head bream

Sae bass wild and farmed

Sea bass (wild & farmed)


Meaty fish

The big meaty fish like tuna and swordfish have firm flesh and strong flavour. They are great to cook as steaks especially on a griddle or the barbeque. Although not strictly speaking a round fish, we'd include the delicious monkfish with the meaty fish. Its firm white meat works well with herbs and spices and is delicious roasted.

loin of tuna


Monkfish tail

Monkfish tail


flat fish

The flat fish include brill, dabs, plaice, sole and the king of fish, turbot. They swim on the seabed, which is why they are flat, and give four smaller fillets, two from each side. The delicate meat tends to be mild in flavour and suits poaching or pan frying.

Fresh whole brill


Flatfish - fresh Dover sole

Dover sole

Fresh local Lemon sole

Lemon sole

Fresh dabs


Fresh plaice


Fresh turbot



Smoked fish

Smoked fish is cured by smoking to give it a wonderful rich and smoky flavour that is full of umami. We have a selection of hot and cold smoked fish. The cold smoked fish like cod and haddock require cooking while the hot smoked are ready to eat. We usually have whole smoked mackerel, kippers and sprats and sliced smoked salmon, trout and halibut on our deli counter.

Smoked cod's roe

Arbroath smokies

Smoked mackerel

Smoked mackerel

Smoked haddock natural and undyed

Smoked haddock

Smoked sprats

Smoked sprats


others to try

Why  not try something different like the sustainable gurnard or huss, chef's favourites John Dory and cod cheeks, a skate wing or our own fish pie mix?

Fresh skate wing


Fish pie mix

fish pie mix

Fresh gurnard


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