we're wild about game 

All our game is wild and runs free in the Kent countryside. The meat is low in fat and cholesterol but full of flavour.

Call or visit us to find out what's in season and available right now.


feathered game

It's hard to beat game birds for flavour and ours are locally-sourced and as fresh as can be. We have duck breasts, Mallards and quail all year round and partridge and pheasant when in season: partridge from September and pheasant from October. The season for both ends at the end of January.

Fresh local partridge


Whole quail - sold in packs of two


Fresh local pheasant


Fresh Mallard and duck breasts



furred game

We have a range of venison joints including shoulder as well as locally made venison and wild boar sausages. We also stock wild rabbit on a regular basis, a much under-rated meat that's tasty and low in fat.

wild and farmed rabbit


locally made venison sausages

Venison sausages

venison shoulder and joints

venison joints

locally made wild boar sausages

wild boar sausages


others to try 

Our packs of mixed game are perfect for a warming casserole or game pie or why not try mincing the meat to make your own burgers or sausages.

Mixed game

mixed game