Get some fish on the barbecue

Fire up that barbecue and get cooking

Warm sunny weather means it's time to get barbecuing but why make do with boring burgers when there's so much seafood that's delicious cooked over charcoal? Here are three ideas to inspire your fishy barbecue.

Whole fish for the barbie


Try barbecuing a whole fish like a sea bass or sea trout both of which are in season now. Bream is also delicious cooked on the barbecue as is mackerel, which is great value for money and a good choice if you're cooking for loads of people.

Put some lemon slices and fresh herbs inside the fish and brush the skin with some olive oil to crisp the skin. Using a fish basket makes it super easy and stops it falling apart when you turn the fish. It's surprisingly quick too - a sea bass takes around 6-7 minutes each side, for instance. You can tell the fish is cooked when the flesh comes easily away from the bone.

If you're after a recipe, here's a good one from Great British Chefs: How to barbecue a whole sea bass

BBQ fish steaks

tuna-steaks-on-the barbecue.jpg

Nice thick fish steaks are another tasty option and for this, big meaty fish like tuna and swordfish are ideal. Salmon steaks or a nice and chunky fillet also works well.

Why not keep a supply of our frozen swordfish steaks in your freezer so you're ready to barbecue when the sun appears! At just £2.99 a pop they are also great value for money.

Defrost them and marinate in olive oil, lemon juice and a pinch of Herbs de Provence or olive oil, soy sauce, crushed garlic, chopped fresh ginger and chilli flakes if you fancy Asian flavours.

If you're new to swordfish, here are some instructions from and recipe ideas from the BBC.

Shellfish for the barbecue


The smoky flavour of the barbecue also suits shellfish - prawns especially. Cook the big gambas prawns whole or make prawn kebabs by threading them onto wood BBQ sticks - remember to soak the sticks in water first so they don't catch fire!

Our kilo bags of peeled and deveined prawns are £13.50 and perfect for your barbecue because all the time-consuming prep has been done for you.

They are yummy cooked on their own or try one of these tasty recipe ideas from All Recipes.

BBQ veg ideas


Why not barbecue some veggies to accompany your fish and shellfish? It really is so easy - just put them straight on the grill - whole fresh corn, whole aubergines, courgettes and fresh asparagus spears are some of our favourites. 

Here are some more ideas if that takes your fancy.

We hope you've enjoyed our suggestions so over to you. We're open 8am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday and also on 10am to 2pm Sundays during the summer so come and get stocked up with seafood so you can fire up the barbecue and get cooking!