Focus on Red Gurnard

Ugly but very tasty fish

September sees red gurnard back in the shop - indeed, some say it's at its best in this month. 

If you've not tried this ugly but very tasty fish, we can heartily recommend it. It is firm textured and takes strong flavours like roasted vegetables or jerusalem artichokes.


The red gurnard is one of three types found in UK waters (the others being grey and yellow or tub gurnard) which are collectively known as 'sea robins'. They're ugly fellows with large snow plough shaped heads, bulging eyes ad some scary fins. The red gurnards are a distinctive red mottled with pink.

It's a sustainable fish (and great vale for money) that's growing in popularity. The French put it into Bouillabaisse but here is the UK we used to throw it back or use the fish as lobster bait, until we realised how delicious it is, that is!

Gurnard is great cooked whole or cut into fillets and fried or baked - we've picked out three gurnard recipes to tickle your taste buds and inspire you to try gurnard for yourself.

Three ways with Gurnard


1. Baked Gurnard with Roast Vegetables

Image and recipe from Red Magazine

Image and recipe from Red Magazine

This quick and easy recipe from Red Magazine sees fillets of red gurnard roasted with red and yellow peppers, courgettes, tomatoes, thyme and garlic. They've missed off the last part of the recipe so here it is!

Place the fillets of gurnard on the roasted vegetables and sprinkle over the crumb mixture then bake for 12-15 minutes.

2. Gurnard with Bouillabaisse Sauce

Image and recipe from Take Stock Magazine

Image and recipe from Take Stock Magazine

How about serving roasted fillets of gurnard with a sauce filled with the rich flavours of the famous fish stew Bouillabaisse like tomato, fennel and Pernod?  This recipe is from Dan Smith, head chef at The Peacock at Rowsley in the Peak District and was publsihed in Take Stock Magazine.

3. Asian-baked gurnard parcels

If the flavours of Asia take your fancy then you'll love this recipe from L'Atelier des Chefs. Gurnard fillets are baked in the oven in foil parcels with chilli, ginger, garlic and coriander.

We'll have red gurnard in our shop in Deal High Street this month, so we hope to see you there soon!