Keep it seasonal

In season this month

June brings the promise of some summer sunshine but even better, it means some delicious seafood is in season.

Seabass, sea trout and Dover sole are all bang in season and in plentiful supply right now as are fresh crabs and lobster. 


Seabass is a firm favourite in Deal and we're lucky to have lots of local bass available - it's as fresh as it comes and very delicious.

Fresh local seabass is in season in June

One of our favourites is a fillet simply grilled or pan-fried to crisp up the skin, served with a sauce vierge - olive oil, capers, fresh tomato and one or more herbs, whatever take your fancy. A mix of basil, chives and tarragon is our choice.

If you like a recipe to follow, try this one from Good Food Magazine

sea trout

The pretty pink flesh of the sea trout is tasty and is great cooked whole on the barbeque and served with mayonnaise.

Wrap in newspaper to keep the fish moist and add drama as in this recipe from chef Adam Byatt - Great British Chefs

Dover sole

There's still plenty of Dover sole about and even better it's local. Its delicate white meat has a mild flavour that benefits from simple cooking - grilled or poaching works well.

Check our recent blog on pairing wine with fish for tasty ideas. Alternatively, any of these three recipes for lemon sole would also work well with Dover sole.

local Dover sole

lobster and craB

Fresh cooked lobster

It's hard to beat a fresh local lobster or crab and we're lucky to have both at present. When they're this good, why not grill your lobster and serve with chips and garlic mayo as suggested by The Telegraph in this BBQ recipe and turn your fresh crab into an Asian salad with aromatic lemongrass and crunchy peanuts.

All of these seasonal fish and crustaceans are available now from our Deal shop. Call in advance to reserve yours. See you there and 'bon appetit' from all the Jenkins & Son team!