Loving local

Three ways with local pollock

Sourcing locally means you eat the freshest food, but it also reduces food miles and supports the economy of our community.

We’re lucky here in Deal to have local fishermen to bring us wonderful fish from local waters like the delicious local pollock we have in now, as well as local other producers and suppliers, all of whom are passionate and knowledgeable.

Pollock is a whitefish from the cod family that is very similar in taste to cod, especially when it’s fresh as fresh, but not as pearly white when cooked.

You can use it instead of cod or haddock and the good news is that is very affordable so makes a delicious supper for any day of the week.

Here are three quick and easy recipes for you to try

Easy Peasy Pollock Curry

First up is this tasty curry from Fish is the Dish - a perfect choice for a weekday supper when you’re not in the mood to spend long in the kitchen, but still want a home cooked meal. Pollock has a firm meat which will hold together well while it cooks (as long as you don’t stir too vigorously) so is perfect for this recipe.

Pollock baked in Parma Ham

Another quick and easy recipe but this one is from Jamie Magazine, which you won’t be surprised to hear is Jamie Oliver’s magazine. You wrap the fillets of pollock in Parma ham or use a British dry-cure ham is you can find one in the deli, and bake with vine tomatoes and potatoes.

Beer battered pollock balls

We found this recipe on The last of our trio is from BBC GoodFood and is another quick and easy one. You cur the pollock into bite-sized chunks, dunk in a batter made with beer (how about using a beer from a local brewery like the Ripple Steam Brewery) and deep fry. We’d want to eat ours with some homemade tartar sauce on the side or maybe a hot chilli sauce like the ones we stock from local producer Heatonomy. Yum!