Make your own fish fingers

Half term fish finger fest

If you’ve never tasted a homemade fish finger then it’s time to start and what better to keep the kids entertained and healthy this half-term?

And not just the kids.

They are a delicious lunch or cosy supper for grown-ups too.

We’ve a super easy recipe for you that doesn’t even need a deep fryer, or a shallow fryer at that. The fish fingers are cooked in just enough oil to cover the base of a frying pan.

Any firm white fish will work well like cod and haddock or for a more sustainable and affordable options, try pollock or whiting or even some monkfish would work. We’ll be happy to advise you about what’s available and suitable.


Cooking tip

Whichever fish you choose, try salting the fish before you prep the fingers. Take the whole fillet and sprinkle with fine salt. Leave it for 15-20 minutes then pat off the liquid drawn out of the fish by the salt. This firms up the fish, gives it extra flavour and helps stop that weird white liquid running off the fish when it’s cooked.


To make around 12 fish fingers you will need:

500g of firm white fish

100g of breadcrumbs - a 50:50 mix of standard dry, fine crumbs and crispy panko breadcrumbs will give you a good coating to seal in the fish and be nice and crispy

50g of seasoned flour (add a pinch of salt and pepper and one of turmeric and/or paprika if you like a bit of colour on your fish fingers

2 eggs, beaten into a little milk

Vegetable oil to fry and a knob of butter to finish

!. First prepare the coatings. You’ll need three plates for this. Into the first put the seasoned flour, the egg/milk mixture into the second and in the last add the breadcrumb mix

2. Cut the fish fillets into fingers - the size is up to you

3. Put the first finger into the flour and coat. Tap off any excess then into the egg and milk to coat. Last into the breadcrumbs - you want it completely coated. Do this with all the fingers.

4. Next, cover the base of your frying pan with oil. You’re not shallow frying it so just a coating. Heat until it starts to shimmer and wobble then place in the fingers and cook until crispy and golden on both sides. This will take around 3 minutes on each side - up to 5 if you’ve opted for chunky fish fingers.

5. When they’re golden and just before you serve, add a knob of butter and swirl around to give them an extra level of deliciousness!

6. Next eat them! We love ours with mash and baked beans or in a ciabatta roll with chips and salad but why not try something a bit different.

Fun serving suggestions

Here are eight ideas from the Green Gourmet to tempt you. The fish finger pie and the fish tacos caught our eye as ones to try. And if you fancy having a go at making your own tortillas, here’s a recipe from BBC Food to try (click the image)