Sushi comes to Deal

Sushi comes to Deal

Calling all sushi lovers! Sushi is now available every Friday from our Deal High Street shop.

So now we'd like to introduce to our line-up.



These fingers of vinegared rice are topped with a delicate slice of sashimi (sushi speak for raw fish) usually tuna or salmon, as well as a vegetarian version topped with spring asparagus and tied with a strand of fresh wild garlic.


California Roll

These are the 'inside out' rolls with a filling of fish or vegetables wrapped with rice. We have California Rolls with three different fillings, smoked mackerel, surimi (sushi speak for crab sticks) and a vegetarian roll with seasonal spring vegetables.

Hosomaki and Futomaki

These delicate little rolls have rice wrapped around a filling and covered with dried seaweed called nori. Hokomaki have a filling of raw or smoked fish while Futomaki fillings team sashimi with a seasonal vegetable. Our selection includes these delicious smoked mackerel and fresh chive, and red pepper and fresh salmon Futomaki.


Just come into the store, choose six or 12 sushi for your bento box and you have a delicious lunch or starter.

A six-piece selection is £5.99 and a 12-piece £10.99. For larger orders please call and order in advance. See you on Friday!