The Price of Fish

The cost of putting fish on our plates

We came across a poem recently which gave us pause to think about the dangers faced by the fishermen that land the fish we eat.

Fishing is the most UK’s dangerous peacetime occupation. In the last decade, 94 fishermen have died at sea in the UK, 529 fishermen have suffered serious injury and 210 fishing vessels have been lost.

The poem’s author is unknown, but we believe the poem is inscribed on a stone monument set by the harbour of a small town in Alaska to remember fishermen lost to the treacherous Northern waters (which came to our notice in the reality TV show, The Deadliest Catch).

We may be half a world away from Alaska here in Kent, but many of us make our living from or because of our proximity to the sea. The poem struck a chord for us so we wanted to share it with you.


The price of fish is very dear

Two hundred men were lost last year

Two hundred men in a watery grave

That was the price, the price they gave

Up in the land of the midnight sun

Where the endless fight is never done

Tired and weary, drenched and cold

They strived to fill the iced up hold

And many a man gone over the rail

Lost on the teeth of an Arctic gale

I only hope my point is clear

The price of fish is very dear

Jenkins and Son fish and game.jpg

author unknown