The King of the sea

Three ways with wild bass

The creamy meat of the wild bass has bags of flavour and is much firmer than the farmed bass so it’s a real treat when it’s available. 


A pan-fried fillet with soft flesh and crispy skin is hard to beat and it’s a favourite of ours when we’re eating out. But we also love it roasted whole and you’ll rarely see that on a restaurant menu so why not try it at home?

Here are three delicious recipe ideas that will get your mouth watering.

Bass roasted over potatoes with garlic and anchovies


We love this idea of a bass roasted over potatoes so the juices run into them from the BBC  Simply scatter potatoes with garlic and anchovies  stuff the fish with some lemon slices and bay leaves and bake. The recipe suggests serving with a pickled pumpkin and walnut salad.

Easy roast bass with lemon and thyme


This no fuss recipe from Prima sees the bass roasted with lemon and thyme. That’s it. Could it be easier?!

Asian roast bass


The last of our recipe trip is from Delicious Magazine and it draws on the flavours of the East, teaming the noble add with red chilli, garlic, ginger, rice wine, soy and a little honey.

We’re lucky to have wild bass in this weekend so what’s stopping you?!